Aim & Objective
IMT CASE Journal (IMTCJ) aims at becoming an authoritative source in teaching and learning within management sciences, which is of interest to educators, researchers, policy-makers and practitioners alike. The unique value proposition of IMTCJ is the linkage of computing and information technology to management and business. Towards this aim, IMTCJ delivers excellent articles on new methods, models and practices of teaching in the era of knowledge society, as well as (teaching) cases aimed at supporting learning in academia and business settings.

IMTCJ aims at publishing high quality reflective studies, case studies, book review and ‚Äúlessons learned” notes on any aspect of teaching and learning in business & business management related disciplines. IMTCJ is a double blind peer review journal.

IMTCJ aims to inform and provide guidance to educators, counselor and practitioners at all levels on all aspects of management sciences.

IMTCJ publishes original research papers providing significant results, and also communications innovative ideas and news, announcements, reviews regarding the topics of the journal and book reviews.

Subject Coverage
IMTCJ covers the disciplines of management, management sciences and business intelligence. It also considers any interdisciplinary account of information technology from a management perspective, such as, for example, medical informatics education or teaching technological issues for library science etc. Papers related to curricula, knowledge bodies, certification and professional issues in management and computing are also welcomed, as they reflect an additional stage of the education process as part of life-long learning.