Instructions to Authors

The IMTCJ’s principal objective is to provide case instructors, whether academics, consultants, or company in-house trainers, a selection of high-quality cases on companies and MNCs. These cases, not having been previously published, provide a fresh and topical pool of cases for teaching purposes.

All cases must be accompanied by an instructors’ manual/teaching notes that identifies the intended course, relevant theoretical concepts or models that can be applied, and the research methodology for the case. The instructors’ manual/teaching notes should also contain discussion questions with suggested responses and a teaching plan if not inherent in the Q&A.

Initial Submission : All cases and articles will be subject to a double blind developmental review process. Our reviewers will offer suggestions for improvement and revision, where appropriate.

All manuscripts submitted are to be original, unpublished and not under consideration by any other publishing source. To ensure the blind review, there should be no author-identifying information in the text or references. An abstract of 150 words or less should accompany any article, and should be included in the instructors’ manual accompanying any case. Interested authors can send their article to the editor by e-mail in MS-Word document (.doc not .docx). A separate title page must accompany the paper and include the title of the paper and all pertinent author information (i.e. name, affiliation, address, telephone number, FAX number, and e-mail address). If any portion of the manuscript has been presented in other forms (conferences, workshops, speeches, etc.), it should be so noted on the title page.

IMTCJ Template for Research Paper

IMTCJ Template for Case Studies